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Call For Papers

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Call for Papers

The International Journal of Applied Operational Research, a quarterly journal which publishes high-quality articles dealing with issues in the field of operational research and indexed in databases like EBSCO publishing, RICeST, IAOR, DOAJ, Ingenta Open, Index Copernicus International, ROAD, and Mendeley is about to receive your articles for the issue of the SPRING 2017 of the journal. Dear author(s) should have in mind that publication in this journal is free of any charge. The subjects dealt with in this journal for the next issue are:

data mining

decision analysis

data envelopment analysis


game theory

industrial engineering


mathematical modeling


project management


social network/transportation forecasting models

supply chain management

financial engineering.

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For any inquiry with regard to the journal you can contact the editor-in-chief, Sohrab Kordrostami: 

Or you can contact the office of the journal through the following addresses:

International Journal of Applied Operational Research 

Publication Office

Islamic Azad University, Lahijan Branch

P.O. Box: 1616, Lahijan, Iran

Tel/fax: (+98)13 4222 90 76


Please read the sections concerning article submission in the website of the journal carefully before sending your manuscripts. With us publish your research articles free of charge!

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